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D.C.'s Unique Turo Fleet

Discover the unique and exotic fleet below.

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Your go-to place to rent unique cars in the D.C. area


If you have any questions about any cars in the fleet, contact me below

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Nearly 700 trips

5.0 Star Guest Rating

10 Cars


4+ Years of Experience


Hey, I'm Jeff Hamond

Hi everyone! "Hamond Hot Wheels" prices itself on providing a great rental experience in the Washington, DC area, whether you are traveling through, or you live here and want to try out a great car for a day or a long weekend, or even longer.

Our niche is that we have unusual cars that are unique in some way to this market, mostly fun-to-drive cars. We have added a couple of cars recently -- a 2019 Mini Countryman S and a 2020 Mini Clubman S -- so now we have something for everyone, but our speciality is having unique cars that others don't have because we want to make the experience fun for us too!


We don't have one of 70 Teslas or 60 Wranglers or 50 Accords (not that there's anything wrong with that). We also try to price our cars reasonably; we would rather people enjoy them than have then sit in the street...

About Me

Yes, this is a real 2011 BMW 1 Series M in Valencia Orange, one of only 435 imported into North America -- and yes this is my car! It's 1M's 1M! It's not available on Turo but if it has been your life's dream to drive this hard-to-find perfect car, message me and we can chat about it.

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